Turner Construction Company VDC Coordinator in Toronto, Ontario

Position Description: The VDC Coordinator position will be assigned to the field operations team and will assist in obtaining, evaluating and coordinating all information needed to construct the project in accordance with the contract documents through BIM models and to assure that the work meets all safety standards, is within schedule requirements, and is constructed to the highest level of quality possible. This will be done by leveraging BIM tools and processes to benefit project workflows.

Reports to: VDC Engineer, VDC Project Manager, Engineer, or Project Engineer, Additionally has “dotted line” relationship for coordination and support with: VDC Engineer and/or VDC Project Manager

Essential Duties & Responsibilities*:

  • Assist in the facilitation of 3d virtual trade coordination of work in the field.

  • Assist in the maintenance of BIM models for field operations.

  • Review models from designers, subcontractors, and others to ensure proper coordination and installation.

  • Assist in the validation of model-based project as-builts by trade subcontractors.

  • Participate in the implementation of the site safety program as required and ensure subcontractor compliance with Turner safety standards and all applicable safety codes and regulations. Utilize BIM tools for the documentation and visualization of safety planning and logistics. This includes modeling and phasing of logistics and safety related equipment, pedestrian protection etc.