Granite School District - Apply Online http:--www.graniteschools.orgFailure to submit copy of High School Diploma or GED before the deadline date will disqualify you for this positionBioInnovations Gateway (BiG) is an incubator that supports student training and commercialization of life science start-up companies. BiG is part of the biotechnology-biomanufacturing training programs and offers student internships that are directly tied to industry requirements. Labs that are part of the BiG program must be maintained at an industry standard. The Laboratory-Intern Manager has the responsibility of keeping labs at the level of industry certification requirements. This requires equipment maintenance, 24-7 monitoring of equipment through sensors placed in the shared labs, and BiG partner use. Orderliness, cleanliness and making sure shared use is appropriate across all parties is also part of the job description. This is a specialized position with a requirement of expertise in federal regulations, quality control, equipment maintenance, and the ability to communicate across all partners. Major Duties: Develop and manage protocols that will assure the order and cleanliness of BiG facilities (i.e. shared lab, offices, cubicles, prototyping labs, kitchen) Manage wet-analytical laboratories and clean room, instrument maintenance and calibration and oversee laboratory operations with BioInnovations Gateway client companies Provide student training in lab internships and act as a mentor with interns working with startup companies Help students access pathway program training Work with students of all levels of expertise from novice to proficient with a focus on increasing student achievement Support student recruitment, industry partnerships, higher education partnerships and links to all aspects of targeted industry Collaborate with teachers from the Granite Technical Institute to support involvement of students from different disciplines (engineering, animation, information technology) in industry contracted projects