Memorial Health Care Center Senior Medical Technologist in Owosso, Michigan


Supervises testing in Hematology, Blood Bank, Serology and Coagulation, supervises laboratory wide functions as necessary. Has the ability to perform testing procedures in section of responsibility and basic skills in all areas of the laboratory as necessary. Plan and organizes daily activities of the section to assure optimum workflow. Evaluate new equipment and procedures, and make recommendations for implementation. Evaluates employees, interview prospective employees and perform other administrative functions as assigned by the Laboratory Manager, Administrative Director, and Medical Director.


RESPONSIBLE TO: Medical Director, Director of Ancillary Services and Vice President of Information Services

WORKERS SUPERVISED Technologists, technicians, certified phlebotomists, technical assistants, clerical personnel, and laboratory couriers.

INTERRELATIONSHIPS: Work closely with other laboratory supervisors and employees. Interact with patients and their families, physicians and their office staff, nursing personnel, hospital staff and corporate clients. Follow the Memorial Healthcare philosophy when dealing with patient, families, providers and co-workers.


  • Supervise laboratory personnel.

  • Organize and direct daily activities of personnel assigned to the section.

  • Work closely with other supervisors to assure smooth operation of the laboratory, including assuming responsibility for another section when necessary.

  • Conduct performance evaluations on assigned team members under your supervision on or before the expected due date.

  • Train students and new personnel.

  • Make recommendations to the laboratory manager, administrative director in matters concerning the addition, development, disciplinary action, or removal of ream members.

  • Responsible for all testing in the section

  • Solve technical problems related to the section.

  • Responsible for daily operation of all instruments in the sections

  • Responsible for validity of daily test results, quality control and other statistical reports

  • Assure correct and complete performance of maintenance on all equipment and instruments, and appropriate documentation of such.

  • Maintain records and assure performance of all quality control procedures.

  • Work closely with the Laboratory Manager in the selection of new equipment and procedures, submitting a written report with recommendations to the Administrative Director.

  • Closely supervise and/or conduct testing for verification of new equipment and procedures.

  • Prepare formal report for reference ranges, equipment performance verification, new procedural correlations, and population-based studies.

  • Maintain procedure manuals for the section by reviewing each for accuracy at least annually. Any corrections or revisions to procedures and policies will be submitted to the secretary in a timely fashion.

  • Perform weekly inventory count and maintain adequate inventory of expendable supplies for immediate use of the section.

  • Perform all professional activities related to hematology, blood bank, serology and coagulation.

  • Operate current instrumentation.

  • Perform manual testing.

  • Perform and report STAT tests, such as CBC, PTT, and PT/INR within 30 minutes of receipt in the laboratory.

  • Use computer to determine test ordered, order tests, and report results in an appropriate timeframe.

  • Compile data for special reports and quality improvement activities with the departments overseen.

  • Answer the telephone, using good communication skills.

  • Makes reagents as needed for completion of tests ordered

  • Cross train to be able to resolve highly complex problems in all laboratory sections.

  • Take responsibility for resolving client problems to their satisfaction.

  • Able to work alone in section for complete shift as required for proper functioning of the lab.

  • Observe and monitor proper safety practices in performance of job duties of coworkers and subordinates.

  • Follow hospital policies and procedures.

  • Be responsible for the timely and effective communication to staff regarding training, and operational changes of technical, procedural and professional duties performed by laboratory staff.

  • Rotate weekend on-call coverage.

  • Maintain knowledge of CAP, JCAHO, OSHA, AABB, and CLIA 88 regulations.

  • Document daily, all employee/instrument issues that are relative to performance and the evaluation process.

  • Observes HIPPA rules at all times for patient and employee confidential medical information as described by the privacy policies of this institution, at

  • Demonstrates job related aspects of patient safety to assure a safe environment, safe and effective use of equipment and technology, and decreased risk of potential adverse patient occurrences.

  • Demonstrates knowledge of, and supports hospital mission, vision, and value statements, standards, policies, procedures, operating instructions, confidentiality statements, corporate compliance plan, customer service standards, and the code of ethical behavior.

  • Must be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the age of patients served on his/her assigned unit. Must demonstrate knowledge of the principles of growth and development over the life span and possess the ability to assess data reflective of the patient's status and interpret the appropriate information needed to identify each patient's requirements relative to his/her age-specific needs, and to provide the care needed as described in the unit's and division's policies and procedures.


  • Perform professional activities of other laboratory sections.

  • Help other departments when time/workflow permits by drawing blood, collecting other types of specimens, assisting patients, and performing chemistry procedures.

  • Order and Store supplies for departments assigned.

  • Perform special projects in a timely manner by meeting deadlines set by the Laboratory Manager

  • Perform other necessary duties as requested by the Medical Director, Assistant Medical Director, Departmental Director, and Laboratory Manager.

  • Support the Medical Director, Assistant Medical Director, Departmental Director, Manager and other Senior Techs in dealing with employees regarding disciplinary action, workload redesign, or other work related areas of the laboratory that may cause personnel conflicts.

  • Complete 8 hours of Continuing Education (CE) and provide at least 1 hour of CEU in each area for technical staff to participate.

  • Monitor Quality Improvement (CQI/QA) projects, supply data for Laboratory's CQI / QA committee on a month basis, and attend monthly QA Meetings.


  • EDUCATION:A Bachelor's degree with a major in Medical Technology or Medical Laboratory Scientist, including a 9-12 month internship in a clinical laboratory and Board certification by ASCP, ASMT.

  • EXPERIENCE: Must be a board-certified Medical Technologist or equivalent as defined by ASCP, ASMT. ASCP and ASMT registered personnel must have a minimum of five (5) years Clinical Laboratory experience with an emphasis in blood bank. Associate degree personnel must have at least ten (10) years Clinical Laboratory experience.

  • JOB KNOWLEDGE: Must have thorough comprehensive knowledge of all test procedures and equipment used in the section. Must be able to perform complex procedures, have in-depth knowledge of principles, techniques, instrumentation, and their interrelationships. Be able to recognize and/or anticipate problems, identify cause, and make necessary corrections. Must be able to guide and supervise people working within the department and interns and student.


  • Be able travel independently within the department, hospital, and satellite locations. Able to maneuver within confined space to perform testing.

  • Must be able to retrieve and lift items weighing up to 10-50 pounds from overhead storage and the floor.

  • Have the mobility and ability to extend and bend to retrieve items in the centrifuge, within workstation upward and forward reaching up to 3'.


  • Have a basic knowledge of laboratory procedures and policies, quality assurance, proficiency reports, and method evaluation using biostatistics.

  • Be able to assign and designate work, problem solve, answer questions, assess, and evaluate work results, to supervise staff.

  • Be able to use the computer to prepare scientifically valid correlation and verification summary reports.

  • Be able to present and explain section activities to federal, state, and professional inspectors.

  • Fine motor skills and precise eye/hand coordination required to perform laboratory tests, including manipulation of small containers, aspiration and pouring of blood and body fluids.

  • Be able utilize phlebotomy equipment (vacuum tube system, syringes, micro collection equipment) according to NCCLS standards for the collection of venous and capillary specimens.

  • Ability to use automated, semi-automated, and manual pipettes when working on the bench and be able to operate complex mechanized laboratory equipment to perform required tests, including laboratory computer and keyboards.


  • Ability to see, read, and interprets test results, including visually assessing color. (Pass a color blindness test).

  • Good communication skills with the public, hospital staff, physicians, coworkers, and inspectors, including in the use of printed material, telephone, and during committee meetings.


  • Have the ability to interact effectively with employees in order to direct workflow, assess performance, and assign duties.

  • Be able to remain calm during heavy workloads, emergencies, when interacting with abusive patients or subordinates.

  • Be able to present and explain disciplinary action to subordinate with objectivity.

  • Be able to discuss and resolve section problems in a constructive manner with the laboratory manager and the administrative director.