State of Georgia Lead Instructor - Psychology in Gwinnett, Georgia

Lead Instructor - Psychology

This job is afull time, benefitedposition in the Arts & Sciences Division that reports to the Dean of Education.

Salary: Commensurate with education and experience

Minimum Qualifications:

Doctorate or Master’s degree inPsychologyOR completed Master’s degree with 18 graduate semester hours or 30 graduate quarter hours in psychology. Must be credentialed to satisfy all appropriate accrediting bodies for the courses assigned. Five years fulltime paid work experience in field.* *Minimum three years experience in teaching college-level courses in a two-year college or degree-granting technical college. Experience in course and curriculum development, demonstrated flexibility with diverse student population and learning styles; demonstrated experience with a variety of teaching strategies including the use of advanced instructional technologies. Demonstrated work experience with the adult learner and a history of commitment to active learning.

Job Description Summary:

Under general supervision, serve as program director and perform duties which include curriculum design and development; scheduling classes each semester and monitoring registration of classes, textbook selections, recruitment, and advisement of students; budgeting; and management of adjunct faculty. The program director will be responsible for teaching a minimum of 13 credit hours (3-hour credit classes) of day or evening instructional courses per semester (not including OBI or internships). Duties also include participation in college committees and participation in professional enhancement. Evaluates students' progress in attaining goals and objectives. Requests and maintains supplies and equipment and prepares budget requests and attends yearly IFCC Psychology consortium meetings. Maintains program certification requirements, as appropriate. Prepares and maintains all required documentation and administrative reports. Attends staff development training, workshops, seminars and conferences. Ensures safety and security requirements are met in the training area. Meets with students, staff members and other educators to discuss students' instructional programs and other issues. Assists with recruitment, retention and job placement efforts.

Job Responsibilities & Performance Standards:

  • Organizes and administers the educational program in accordance with the goals and objectives of the program and/or college

o Performs administrative functions related to program records, program evaluations including assessment of learning outcomes, reports, student records, and student evaluations.

o Evaluates, selects, and requests educational materials and equipment.

o Prepares and evaluates program budgets.

o Conducts and documents regular advisory committee meetings.

o Completes all reports and records in a timely manner and maintains an accurate inventory of all assigned properties.

  • Prepares lesson plans for classroom instruction for credited courses. (Performed by all incumbents)

o Delivers effective individualized programs of instruction to class members.

o Ensures adherence to technical college and safety requirements in classrooms and labs by following established procedures.

o Correctly assesses the educational needs and class progress of students.

o Selects and obtains appropriate educational materials for courses.

o Prepares reports on the current status of students in the program indicating whether performance is aligned with performance indicators, program goals and progress schedule.

o Serves as mentor for adjunct faculty within program area.

o Ensures consistency in syllabi, lesson plans, tests, and other appropriate materials.

  • Develops program and course outlines, goals and objectives. (Performed by all incumbents)

o Prepares appropriate curricula, including non-traditional content and methods to achieve objectives and goals of students.

o Follows designated and approved lesson plan(s) using appropriate techniques and aids.

o Participates in standing or ad hoc committee meetings relating to curriculum development, extracurricular activities and other technical college sponsored activities or programs as required.

o Prepares program reports for submission to supervisor within specified time frames of request.

  • Evaluates students' progress in attaining goals and objectives. (Performed by all incumbents)

o Establishes criteria and tests the students in order to measure each student's progress.

o Communicates students' progress to student and appropriate personnel and according to established guidelines.

o Accurately records pertinent information in students' records as required.

  • Requests and maintains supplies and equipment and prepares required budget requests. (Performed by all incumbents)

o Submits correct supply and equipment budget requests as necessary in accordance to established guidelines.

o Performs and maintains classroom inventory according to established policies and procedures.

o Maintains an organized and proper supply of classroom instructional materials.

o Promptly notifies supervisor of defective equipment.

  • Maintains program certification requirements, as appropriate. (Performed by all incumbents.)

o Attends required number of hours of required training.

o Participates in education meetings, workshops, etc. as requested.

o Ensures certification meets all required organizational and accreditation policies and guidelines.

o Thoroughly conducts a self-study of the program's compliance with technical college, program and accreditation standards.

o Exhibits and models positive work ethics.

  • Prepares and maintains all required documentation and administrative reports. (Performed by all incumbents)

o Prepares and submits student’s progress and participation reports in accordance with the prescribed guidelines. Conducts follow-up surveys.

o Ensures documentation meets all required organizational and accreditation policies and state guidelines.

o Analyzes collected data for program improvement.

o Compiles and submits reports in a timely manner to supervisor.

  • Maintains knowledge of current trends and developments in the field by attending staff development training, workshops, seminars and conferences and by reading professional literature in the related vocational field. (Performed by all incumbents)

o Attends internal and external educational programs and professional meetings that meet the requirements for continuing education in the assigned specialty area.

o Reads professional literature and translates complex or technical information into a meaningful format that may be understood by others.

o Participates in advisory committees as requested.

o Actively recruits for advisory committee members.

  • Ensures safety and security requirements are met in the training area. (Performed by all incumbents)

o Constructs training modules, tools, materials, supplies and equipment to comply with local requirement for safety and security needs and in accordance with state and federal work safety standards.

o Ensures students are instructed in and follow all safety rules for operating equipment and using tools.

o Ensures classrooms and work areas are properly cleaned and maintained at all times.

o Maintains a secure training and work area that proves freedom of movement for students during the performance of work and training assignments and complies with the security requirements of the organization.

o Ensures work-related projects are successfully completed and that they meet industrial standards.

  • Meets with students, staff members and other educators to discuss students' instructional programs and other issues impacting the progress of the students. (Performed by all incumbents)

o Advises students on course selection and other pertinent matters in a professional and effective manner.

o Actively participates in staff and faculty meetings as needed to discuss students' progress, problems, and/or programs.

o Serves as academic advisor to students in the program areas.

  • Displays a high level of effort and commitment to performing work; operates effectively within the organizational structure; demonstrates trustworthiness and responsible behavior. (Performed by all incumbents)

o Demonstrates eagerness to learn and assume responsibility; seeks out and accepts increased responsibility; displays a "can do" approach to work.

o Shows persistence and seeks alternatives when obstacles arise; seeks alternative solutions; does things before being asked or forced to by events.

o Works within the system in a resourceful manner to accomplish reasonable work goals; shows flexibility in response to process change and adapts to and accommodates new methods and procedures.

o Accepts direction and feedback from supervisor and follows through appropriately.

o Works when scheduled; begins and ends work as expected; calls in according to policy when arriving late for work or when absent; observes provisions of Fair Labor Standards Act; observes policies on break and lunch periods; uses work time appropriately.

  • Assists with recruitment, retention and job placement efforts. (Performed by all incumbents)

o Actively recruits students for classes by explaining training offered and prepares a master schedule for departmental class offerings.

o Prepares orientation for new students using effective materials while displaying a professional and courteous manner.

o Actively participates in the retention efforts of the school.

o Offers job placement assistance to the students and follows through using established contacts.

o Ensures adequate and appropriate on-the-job training opportunities exist for each student.

  • Performs other duties as assigned in the fulfillment of the needs, philosophy, and purpose of Gwinnett Technical College.

/Note: No phone inquiries please. Due to the volume of applications received, we are unable to personally contact each applicant. If we are interested in scheduling an interview, a representative from our college will contact you./* *

Gwinnett Technical College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, gender, religion, disability, age, political affiliation or belief, disabled veteran, veteran of the Vietnam Era’ or citizenship status (except in those special circumstances permitted or mandated by law). For more information on compliance activities, contact Lisa Richardson, Title IX and Section 504 Coordinator, 5150 Sugarloaf Parkway, Building 100, Room 323B, Lawrenceville, GA 30043, 770-962-7580.

Minimum qualifications for this position will be determined by the teaching discipline and compliance with appropriate accrediting bodies. Faculty must be credentialed to satisfy all appropriate accrediting bodies for the course assigned.

Job: *Education

Organization: *Gwinnett Technical College

Title: Lead Instructor - Psychology

Location: GA-Gwinnett-Lawrenceville

Requisition ID: EDU0135