Aims Community College Program Coordinator II-Clinical Site and Allied Health in Greeley, Colorado

Days and hours will vary, Monday-Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm, someweekends and evenings as required, may be adjusted as needed to accommodatelate hours, salary commensurate with education and experience, paid monthly.Requirements:*Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts Degree from a regionallyaccredited college or university*3 years of experience working in Healthcare, Healthcare Education,Marketing, Business, or Sales or equivalent combination of educationand experience.* Ability to formulate, implement, and maintain a successful clinicalrecruitment and maintenance plan.* Ability to maintain positive relationships and communication withclinical site partners and Chairs and Directors of departments.* Willing and capable of traveling frequently to clinical locations inand outside of Greeley.* Professional image and behavior to represent the College in public.* Ability to use a computer and computer software (examples may includeMicrosoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Google Drive, email, web-basedprograms, electronic document signing software, and databases).* Ability to upload documents, organize digital files and createspreadsheets.* Ability to review contracts for changes and communicate those changesto department Chairs and Directors.* Excellent verbal and written communication skills including excellentemail etiquette.* Possess a valid Colorado Driver s License and meet college insurabilityguidelines.Preferred:* Preference will be given to candidates with experience related tobuilding external relationships, contract acquisition, and understandingof health care education. The ideal candidate would be able to increasethe number of clinical site agreements for the Allied Health and PublicSafety programs at the college.Duties: Obtain, coordinate, manage, and oversee clinical siterelationships and contracts for all Allied Health and Public Safety programs(both credit and non-credit) in cooperation with the Chairs and Directorsof those programs. Works frequently and closely with clinical and internshipsite partners to maintain relationships and facilitate communication regardingboth clinical site and allied health program needs.* Responsible for recruiting new clinical and internship site partners,facilitating contractual agreements, and communicating clinical siteinformation to program Chairs and Directors.* Serves as a liaison with outside agencies, community organizations,and Aims Allied Health and Public Safety programs.* Develop and manage a strategic plan for evaluating existing clinicalsite agreements, expanding their usage, and expanding the number ofclinical site agreements.* Occasionally assist students with clinical site on-boarding tasksand program orientations and other duties as assigned. Must remaincommitted to student success, a collaborative work environment, andhigh-quality and friendly customer service.* Must have the ability to work both autonomously as well as part of ateam; the ability to forecast program clinical needs and act accordinglyto meet clinical site needs; ability to interpret assessment data in orderto judge the relative worth of current and future clinical sites to meetprogram needs; ability to interpret programmatic accreditation guidelinesand regulations in order to match clinical site capabilities withprogrammatic needs; ability to forecast clinical site changes andrequirements in order to be responsive to those changes; be a creativeproblem-solver; ability to multi-task and manage multiple deadlines;have an energetic and out-going personality, excellent written andverbal communication skills; excellent organizational skills; andexcellent technical skills (in areas such as Microsoft Word, Excel,management of databases and digital files).