Virginia Tech Academic and Program Advisor in Blacksburg, Virginia

Provide one-on-one academic, professional and career advising to Industrial and Systems Engineering undergraduate (ISE UG) students, including timely and accurate information and advice on majors, minors, course options, transfer credits, and professional and career development/placement opportunities. Maintain ISE UG student enrollment records, advising-related documents, and individual student records. Work with Career Services to promote services, resources, coop programs and internships to ISE UG students. Manage and/or supervise ISE UG student-focused programs (e.g., ISE Ambassadors), events, and activities. Monitor and work with ISE UG students to ensure they meet all curriculum-related graduation requirements. Perform ISE UG student-related departmental functions (e.g., departmental scholarships) and serve on ISE UG student-related committees. Provide ISE UG instructional support, when necessary, in areas such as oral communication and presentation skills, ethics, professionalism, and career skills.