Accenture Internship CodeMasters in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Internship CodeMasters

Role Description

They say the future is written in lines of code. Can you imagine a gardener using robots, or a lawyer using big data? Digital skills are the primary driver for innovation at big corporations and startups. From primary schools to board rooms, digital literacy will be a vital skill in the 21st century.

Accenture believes in investing in the future. We’re teaming up with colleagues, clients and NGOs to ideate and coordinate projects to spread coding as a skill to succeed.

For this internship we are looking for an organizational talent to help manage the CodeMasters community and engage clients and partners in this area. What you will be doing:

· You dream, define and organize new initiatives – previous interns have organized coding marathons for schoolkids and a python course for young refugees with our partners and clients;

· You are the face of our community, keeping everyone motivated, connected and up to date;

· You will be a guru in the world of coding lessons, knowledgeable on the different methods and able to advise our community members on the right tool for the job.