Wacker Chemical Corporation 2019 Summer Internship Biosolutions , Adrian MI n in Adrian, Michigan

WACKER BIOSOLUTIONS specializes in customized bio-technical solutions, high-quality fine chemicals and superior polyvinyl acetate solid resins for gum bases. At our Adrian, MI site, we are currently looking for Summer Interns to support our growing cyclodextrins businessWACKER's role is as a partner to the food industry. We understand our customers' needs and offer not only food ingredients, but also innovative solutions that respond to the food industry's urgent challenges. Moreover, we also develop specific, tailored solutions for our customers, geared to their individual concerns.WACKER focuses primarily on the market segments beverages, chewing gum, dairy products, food supplements and savory flavors. To serve these markets properly, we have set up specialized food labs in the U.S. and Germany.In addition, WACKER has a global sales organization and a network of distributors, giving us a presence in all important economic regions and growth markets.WHAT SHOULD A FOOD SCIENTIST OR PHARMA TECH KNOW ABOUT CYCLODEXTRINS?In the food industry, alpha-cyclodextrin (also known as alphadextrin) offers a new vegetarian-grade alternative to stabilization of oil-in-water emulsions. It can also be used as a whipping aid for liquid and dry proteins. As a whipping agent, it makes it possible to produce new mousse products without the need for fat or dairy protein. alpha-Cyclodextrin is used in Europe, USA and many other countries as a soluble dietary fiber. Moreover, the European Commission has certified that alpha-cyclodextrin has a scientifically proven health benefit (health claim). The EU expert opinion confirmed that alpha-cyclodextrins can reduce the increase in blood sugar after a starchy meal. Other applications of cyclodextrins in the food industry include masking bitter tasting substances, stabilizing aromas and increasing the bioavailability of active ingredients.WHAT ABOUT PHARMA APPLICATIONS OF CYCLODEXTRINS?Because they are capable of reversible inclusion of other substances, cyclodextrins can also be used in pharmaceutical and chemical fields of application, for modifying the properties of compounds: for example improving the stability and solubility in aqueous media or to reduce the volatility; likewise, they can mask the taste or odor of drugs. Besides this, cyclodextrins are used in fermentation to extract the desired fermentation products. They are particularly suitable for lipophilic products.ARE THERE INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS OF CYCLODEXTRINS?In addition, cyclodextrins can also be used to selectively improve the properties of polymer systems: For example as processing auxiliaries in polymerization processes or as additives for rheology control - in a range of different industries, in construction applications as well as in life science applications.Your TasksAs a summer intern, you will provide lab support on specific projects involving cyclodextrins (CD). You will work with experienced Technical Managers and professional chemists. Your duties will include:• Review and research food applications for cyclodextrins (starch molecule).• Prepare, analyze and test various lab recipes for food items: ice cream, cookies, meat alternatives, icings and whipped toppings, performance beverages, etc.• Identify safe handling practices in the lab to ensure proper use of cyclodextrins in food grade applications.• Perform accurate analyses of cyclodextrin complexes• Master basic cyclodextrins techniques in producing vegetarian mayonnaise/salad dressings/emulsions, egg free baked goods, icings and whipped toppingsYour Profile• Candidate must be enrolled in a BS degree program majoring in food sciences, biochemistry, biology or a related scientific field• Good technical skills and lab knowledg